A Rise to the Fly by Bernard Venables

This is a wonderfully evocative account of the subtle delights of a long lifetime of fly fishing seen through the eyes of a passionate devotee of this gentle pastime. Bernard Venables' snapshot of fly fishing history takes the reader from the tranquil time when angling ambled along contentedly, blissfully unaware of the developments to come, through the war years which changed angling forever, to the modern day. However, despite angling's sensitivity to such social change, its true spirit and broad principles remain constant. "A Rise to the Fly" is a distillation of the author's writing in the angling press over more than half a century, and also includes some new material written especially for this volume. It is luxuriously produced and illustrated with the author's own fine drawings, this will undoubtedly become a treasured collector's item.


 Robert Hale

Date published

 2000 First Edition


 Hardback with dust jacket


 Used, like new.