Defenders of Mai-Dun: A Story of the Roman Assault on Maiden Castle by David MacPherson

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Based on real facts and places, this story brings to life the Roman invasion of Dorset in AD 43 and the struggle with the Celts. It follows the fortunes of a young orphan boy called Conn, who lives on Mai-dun (Maiden Castle), and Julius, an inexperienced Tribune in the Roman army. General Vespasian and his Second Legion sweep along the south coast, from Chichester to Weymouth, blowing through the land of the Durotriges like a fierce wind. Julius and Conn’s lives are intertwined with a compelling inevitability. The adventure concludes with the Roman assault on the Celtic settlement of Mai-dun and the establishment of Durnovaria (Dorchester).

     Historical and archaeological evidence is carefully woven into the story, adding to the realism, making it particularly enjoyable for those with an interest in local history. It will make any visit to Maiden Castle a more thought-provoking experience. (

Publisher: Roving Press

Date published: 2010

Format: Paperback