Dark Art: How to Draw & Paint Witches & Worlds: Draw and Paint Witches and Their Worlds by Bob Hobbs

This work presents a fantasy art gallery of visual inspiration, authentic reference and practical guidance on drawing and painting imagery from the diverse world of witchcraft. It is perfect for fantasy artists who want to explore the fascinating history of witchcraft and enhance their images of witches, wizards and related paraphernalia. A wealth of visual and textual information offers artists the chance to introduce more realism into their work and gives advice on digital fantasy art. Featuring a rich tapestry of finished paintings, work-in-progress illustrations and sketches covering types of witches, castles, settings, tools of the trade and symbology, this is the essential guide to witchcraft for any fantasy artist or enthusiast.

Well set out and clearly illustrated.

Publisher: Impact

Date published: 2009

Format: Paperback