Imperfectly Natural Baby and Toddler: How to be a Green Parent in Today's Busy World by Janey Lee Grace

IMPERFECTLY NATURAL BABY AND TODDLER is for all parents who want to nourish this precious time and do the 'natural' bits they can - imperfectly. If you knew where to find the best cream for that nappy rash without any chemicals - you'd buy it - right? If you could get some suggestions on what to do for certain ailments without resorting to medication - you'd take it. Janey will share all her secrets and top tips for living holistically - your family, your relationships, your health, your happiness, your eco-footprint. More 'eco-virgin' than 'eco-warrior' Janey takes an interest in sustainability and doing a bit - albeit imperfectly. And this book is not just about the kids. Parents have to remain sane in all of this, as well as happy, fulfilled and healthy, their needs are important too. So you'll find it all in here - from tips on breastfeeding and first foods, sleep (or lack of) to how to treat headlice and hyperactivity. Janey will share what she believes and why, and point the reader in the direction of more research and support.





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