The donkey's First Christmas by Susanne T Schroder

Lovely Christmas tale with a traditional take. Ideal for children aged 2-5

The nativity with a twist: Getting to the heart of the Christmas message in a new and innovative way, The Donkey s First Christmas tells the story of the Nativity but from the viewpoint of a stubborn ass a donkey that is. Spending most of his days playing tricks on passersby (anything to get out of an honest day s work); this useless mule is having a blast. Today however, someone drops by the yard who is not so easily fooled... Cheeky antics: Children will delight to see the adorable (if a little cheeky) donkey overcome his stubbornness; and marvel at how such a seemingly useless mule can be quite so useful. Encouraging and uplifting: As they watch the donkey unwittingly use his talents to major avail, kids will be encouraged to see that what they have and who they are, can make a significant difference too.





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